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Research Professors

Chien-Liang Lee

Chien-Liang Lee Director & Research Professor

  • Research Fields:Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Environment Law
Tze-Shiou Chien

Tze-Shiou Chien Deputy Director & Research Professor

  • Research Fields:Tort Law, Property Law, Competition Law, Law and Economics
Fort Fu-Te Liao

Fort Fu-Te Liao Research Professor

  • Research Fields:Human Rights Law, European Law, International Law, Constitutional Law
Shu-Perng Hwang

Shu-Perng Hwang Research Professor

  • Research Fields:Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Legal Methodology, European Law, State Theory (Staatslehre)
Yun-Chien Chang

Yun-Chien Chang Research Professor

  • Research Fields:Property Law, Land Use Regulation, Economic Analysis of Law, Empirical Legal Studies
Shwu-Fann Liou

Shwu-Fann Liou Research Professor

  • Research Fields:Administrative Law, Constitutional Law
Wen-Tsong Chiou

Wen-Tsong Chiou Associate Research Professor

  • Research Fields:Bioethics, , Public Health Law and Ethics, Law and Sciences, Constitutional Privacy
Pi-Fang Wang

Pi-Fang Wang Associate Research Professor

  • Research Fields:Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, European Law
Chuan-Feng Wu

Chuan-Feng Wu Associate Research Professor

  • Research Fields:Health Care Law, International Human Rights, Public Health Ethics
Cheng-Yi Huang

Cheng-Yi Huang Associate Research Professor

  • Research Fields:Comparative Constitutional Politics, Comparative Administrative Law, Transitional Justice, Taiwan Legal History
Jimmy Chia-Shin Hsu

Jimmy Chia-Shin Hsu Associate Research Professor

  • Research Fields:Legal Theory, Constitutional Law, Freedom of Speech and the Press, Democratic Theory, Democratization and the Public Sphere, philosophy of punishment
Peng-Hsiang Wang

Peng-Hsiang Wang Associate Research Professor

  • Research Fields:Philosophy of Law, Legal Methodology, Theory of Constitutional Rights
Yen-Tu Su

Yen-Tu Su Associate Research Professor

  • Research Fields:The Law of Democracy, Democratic Theory, Constitutional Law, Constitutional Theory, Judicial Politics, Comparative Constitutional Law
Tzung-Mou Wu

Tzung-Mou Wu Assistant Research Professor

  • Research Fields:Legal History(Areas of specialty: 19th and the mid-20th Century, France and the German-speaking areas, Japan, and Formosa/ Taiwan), Legal Historiography, New Historical Jurisprudence, Indigenous Customary Norms and Legal Pluralism, French Civil Law
Shun-Ling Chen

Shun-Ling Chen Assistant Research Professor

  • Research Fields:Science and technology studies, Information and society, Online collaborations, Intellectual property, Indigenous peoples' law and policy, Indigenous rights
Chien-Chih Lin

Chien-Chih Lin Assistant Research Professor

  • Research Fields:Constitutional Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, Judicial Politics, Judicial Behavior