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Refereed Anthology

Law and Economics of Possession

Law and Economics of Possession

Sort:Comparative Study of Judiciary System, Empirical Study of Judicial Behavior, and Legislative Studies
Editor-in-Chief:Yun-chien Chang
Publication Date:2015-06

Table of Contents

Ownership and possession
by Thomas W. Merrill
The Law is nine-tenths of possessionAn adage turned on its head
by Carol M. Rose
The elements of possession
by Henry E. Smith
The economy of concept and possession
by Yun-chien Chang
What behavioral studies can teach jurists about possession and vice versa
by Daphna Lewinsohn-Zamir
The possession heuristic
by James Krier and Christopher Serkin
Dividing possessory rights
by Daniel B. Kelly
The titling role of possession
by Benito Arrunada
Possession and licensesThe FCC, weak spectrum rights, and the LightSquared debacle
by Benito Arrunada
Jurisdiction, choice of Law, and property
by Daniel Klerman
Small property, adverse possession, and optional law
by Shitong Qiao
Title in the shadow of possession
by Abraham Bell