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Refereed Anthology

Constitutional Interpretation: Theory and Practice Vol. 6 Part ll

Constitutional Interpretation: Theory and Practice Vol. 6 Part ll

Sort:Constitutional Structure and Human Rights
Editor-in-Chief:Fort Fu-Te Liao
Publication Date:2009-07

Table of Contents

by Dennis Te-Chung TangPage:i-iv
“Equal Citizenship” as a Theoretical Foundation for Constitutional Rights: Reflections on the Traditional “Grundrecht” Approach
by Bruce Yuan-Hao LIAOPage:365-428
Interpreting the Rights of Indigenous Peoples under the Constitutional Scheme
by Chu-Cheng HUANGPage:429-465
60 Year Retrospect and the New Challenge as Human Rights Guardian: Exploring the Counter-Majoritarian Difficulty of Grand Justices’ Interpretations of Human Rights
by Chien-Liang LEEPage:467-549
by Chien-Liang LEEPage:535-549
Judicial Standards for Review on the Equal Protection Cases: Before and After J.Y. Interpretation No. 626
by Jau-Yuan HWANGPage:551-580
Constructing Coherent Standards of Constitutional Review: On the Idea of “Hierarchical Proportionality Principle”
by Dennis T. C. TangPage:581-660
The Possibility of Constitutional Litigation on Omission of the Legislative: The Nation's Free and Democratic Constitutional Order and the J.Y. Interpretation No. 632.
by Yosoh KUREPage:661-692
A Study of Presidential Immunity and the State Secrets Privilege: On Interpretation No. 627
by Chwen-Wen CHENPage:693-768