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Academia Sinica Law Journal

Issue No.24

Issue No.24

Editor-in-Chief:Chien-Liang Lee
Executive Editor:Jimmy Chia-Shin Hsu
Co-Editors:Chien-Chih Lin and Pi-Fang Wang
Publication Date:2019-03

Table of Contents

The Politicization of the Judiciary in Post-War TaiwanThe KMT’s Control of Judicial Personnel Administration before 1990 and Its Aftermath
by Heng-Wen LiuFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:1-86Stable URL:
A Re-Examination of Technology Transfer and Conflicts of InterestA Focus on Biomedical Research in American Law
by Ching-Yi LiuFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:87-193Stable URL:
Patients Decide? Physicians Decide? Insurer Decides?The Causes, Meaning and Ethical Implications of Medical Futility
by Shin-Rou LinFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:195-254Stable URL:
Theorizing Interdisciplinary Legal Interpretation and Application with Sociological TheoriesDebates between Local Customs and National Standard in the U.S. and between the Medical Norm and the Medical Standard in Taiwan as Examples
by Chih-Ming LiangFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:255-361Stable URL: