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Academia Sinica Law Journal

Issue No.6

Issue No.6

Editor-in-Chief:Dennis Te-Chung Tang
Executive Editor:Wen-Tsong Chiou
Co-Editors:Chuan-Feng Wu & Chi Chung
Publication Date:2010-03

Table of Contents

Administrative Organic Law in TransitionFrom “Latitude in Choosing Organic Form” to “Requirement for Optimized Organization”
by Chen-Jung ChanAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(eBook)Page:1-60
Communicative Action and Legislative DiscourseThe Legislative Analysis of Abortion Law in Taiwan
by Hsiao-Wei KuanAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(eBook)Page:61-128
Evidence Depreciating Theory of Extinctive Prescription and Its Implications on Claims in Rem and in Public Law
by Tze-Shiou ChienAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(eBook)Page:129-165
Takings Compensation Standard Pursuant to Article 30 of Land Condemnation ActWith An Overview of Relevant Supreme Administrative Court Cases Since 2000
by Yun-chien ChangAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(eBook)Page:167-206
The Application of the European SEA Directive in the Energy SectorAn Attempt to Develop the List Approach to“Specifying Types of Energy Plans and Programmes”
by Anton Ming-Zhi GaoFull text(eBook)Page:207-313