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Subscription Information

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Download: Domestic Order Form
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Domestic subscription rate: NT$320 per copy (postage included)
International subscription rate:

Prefered Delivery Mainland China, HK and Macau Asia-Pacific Europe, America and Africa
Standard Post US$ 27  
(2 issues each year)
US$ 31
 (2 issues each year)
US$ 36
 (2 issues each year)
Registered Post US$ 30  
(2 issues each year)
US$ 34
(2 issues each year)
US$ 39
  (2 issues each year)

Group discount: 30% off for purchase of 20 copies or more of the same volume

New Sharing Publishing Co. Ltd.
TEL: +886-2-27001808 ext.18
FAX: +886-2-27059080